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“Sue has been very creative in assisting our Immigration Practice with finding the best way to publicly express what our core practice niche is in a tone that is both serious about business and which expresses our passion for what we do. Very effective.”

Jeffrey W. Goldman
Attorney & Immigration Section Manager
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

Sue is a focused, detailed expert who is dedicated to her professional writing skills. Sue exceeds all expectations and deadlines presented. I would highly recommend her.”

Ralph St. George
former Director of Marketing,
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

“As CEO at MassPRO, I had a high level of trust in Sue to take my ideas and synthesize them into compelling copy that I was then able to present. For the eight years I worked with her she consistently captured my voice and intent like a master craftsman, often helping us make sense out of complex issues.”

Kathleen McCarthy, former CEO, MassPRO

“Sue’s most impressive accomplishment was working alongside me in the wake of a Clinic shooting and death in 1994. She was a master–gaining the attention of numerous media outlets from all over the world to use this fulcrum event to stand strong for women’s choice and raise much needed funds. This was endless and dangerous ground on which we shared the soil. I shall forever be grateful for her support, tireless work and courage.”

Ann Osborne, former Executive Director, Preterm Health Services, Brookline, MA

“Sue brought to our mutual project an incredible combination of intelligence, empathy, healthcare knowledge, and a passion for language and its effective use.  Her unique blend of talents was just the mix we needed for producing an informative, approachable, and thoughtfully crafted communication.”

Ray Campbell, CEO, Massachusetts Health Data Consortium

“Sue Kelman is a very skilled communicator and publicist, with the intelligence, finesse, and tenacity to get the job done. She turned my career around, and I have nothing but good things to say about her.”

Marc Rossi, composer, pianist, educator

“Sue Kelman is a true professional who has the unique ability of presenting complex thoughts in a concise powerful way. She can write as well as anyone I have worked with and developed the perfect message in short order.”

Stephen P. Tocco
President and Chief Executive Officer
MLS Strategies
Boston & Washington, DC

“Sue is dedicated, passionate and committed to providing the best communication strategies and writing for whatever project sh takes on. A quick learner, she is able to grasp the subject at hand, digest it and present technical and complex information in a succinct and easy to understand way.”

David Gray, former Director, Public Relations & Advertising
Neponset Valley Health System

“For those who have the honor of working alongside her, the take home message is: supremely competent manager, organized, and writes in such a fluid and precise style, that one sees the image she is carrying within the text. Her skill brings to life the goal, its urgency, and lends value to the final product.

She is IT savvy, a master at desktop publishing and has a magic wand when choice of color, bond, font, and word cadence are important. Always eager to position her client in a positive light, Sue gets inside her clients and ferries them to success.

A person of immense erudition and breadth of knowledge—far beyond most Journalists. A perfect Wordsmith to position a client to reinvent her or himself in these economic times.”

Ann Osborne
Former Executive Director
Preterm Health Services
Brookline, MA

“Sue brought a marketing and communication expertise and sensibility to our organization that was very valuable. Her graphics skills, media contacts, and editorial capabilities were outstanding.”

Craig D. Schneider, Ph.D.
Director of Healthcare Policy
Massachusetts Health Data Consortium

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“In language it is simply required that it conveys the meaning.”
—Confucius, Analects